Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Summertime Courses!

This summer I'm shaking it up. No more run of the mill summertimes for me - this is the 7th summer since I graduated from college, and my gosh! I haven't had a summer to myself since then. KSTF has had me flying around the country; the Governor's Institute of Vermont has been an institutionalized week of my life in the summer, and truth be told, I need a change.

So the plans are to take a slew of classes that I've been intending to take for some time now, so here's the list of courses:
May 1-2 Root Cellar Design at Yestermorrow
May 8-9 Earth Oven Building at Yestermorrow
May 15-16 Tracking and Awareness at the Root's School
June 19-July2 Hike the Long Trail with MHS Community Connections
July 18-24th Roots Core Skills 1 at the Root's School

Actually, the list looks shorter now for some reason. But I'm ok with that. Clearly May is packed, and I'll spend a lot of time in June hiking to prepare for the Long Trail trip.

I feel like the difference here is that ... I really want to do these things. No one is asking me to do them - I'm electing to do them, which feels really different. Gosh I'm pumped. :)